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Great Website Design Ideas To Make Your Site Stand Out

You’ve got a great idea for a website, but do you know how to make it stand out?

If not, read this article and learn some great ideas for website design.

These tips will help you design your website in a unique way and ensure that you get the maximum traffic.

These tips will also help you make your website stand out from your competitors.

Read on to learn more.

And remember, it’s all about you, so be yourself.

User experience

One of the best ways to attract more visitors to your website is to use creative and interactive design.

Interactive websites help to increase user engagement and lead them to the information they’re looking for.

Designers can decide how to interact with their visitors, from using animations to adding tools to perform specific actions.

You can also incorporate polls or quizzes, or ask for ratings and feedback.

UX tools can be an important part of any interactive website since they allow designers to apply design principles to their work.

Try to keep the number of fonts on your website to a few.

While you can use a lot of different typefaces in some projects, keep in mind that too many can distract from your brand identity.

You can also use a text theme, which allows you to create a hierarchy between different sections of your site.

A good text theme can also help to draw the attention of readers.

You can also vary the weight and size of your content, as this will draw the reader’s eye to important areas of the page.

If you’re a photographer, consider using an abstract art motif on your website.

This can help focus visitors’ attention on your brand identity or product.

Tristan Le Breton, 99designs’ Creative Director, predicts that abstract art will overtake photography on websites by 2021.

The homepage of a website traditionally contains the latest product offer, the organization’s mission statement, and a navigation menu.

The navigation menu is the next step for customers.

Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons can draw the attention of your visitors.

They can also be placed in the areas that have the most “eye traffic” and in images that draw the viewer’s eyes to a certain area.

Creating an effective call-to-action button is not an impossible task, and there are some basic rules for making one.

The four most important factors are placement, language, context, and design.

The primary action should be the most prominent and clickable.

Usually, a red call-to-action button is more visible than a green one.

Make sure that the call-to-action button stands out from the rest of the website’s text and background.

You can make it look cool by using a 3D effect.

For example, if you have a Netflix site, you can use red, because it is the color of their logo.

Experiment with different colors and try different designs.

Make sure that the call-to-action button has a distinct look in comparison to other elements on the page.

Your call-to-action button must be prominently displayed and clearly communicates the desired action.

Make sure that it aims to convert the visitor into a customer.

Use a text or image that inspires your visitors to take the action.

If they don’t, your visitor will click away and never return to your website.

In other words, call-to-action buttons are one of the best website design ideas to make your site stand out and get more traffic and sales.

The color of the CTA button is also important.

It should stand out from the color of the background, which will increase the likelihood of your visitors clicking on it.

For example, the color green is more likely to generate traffic if it stands out from the rest of your site’s background.

For better contrast, try using contrasting colors.

Using orange, green, and blue buttons can make your CTA buttons stand out and attract more attention.

Animated sliders

An animated slider can be a good website design idea if you want to highlight a series of steps that your users can take to reach your desired destination.

They also allow you to consolidate a variety of media on your page and avoid distracting your users.

Because your users control what they see on your website, they can skip a particular slide if they don’t want to see it.

A slider can be made of several elements that work in harmony and in sync with one another.

For example, a scroll-down animation helps your visitors navigate and highlights a particular portion of the slider.

This visual harmony also helps your visitors read the headings more easily.

If you’re looking to create a website that stands out from your competitors, an animated slider is one of the best website design ideas to make your site stand out.

Another great website design idea to use with sliders is displaying your work.

Many artists, graphic designers, and web developers use a slider to show their work.

Clients want to see a preview or quick overview of their work.

A slider allows you to showcase your work in a flexible format that lets users view as much or as little as they like, which is essential in retaining their attention and ensuring they leave your site with a good impression.

Animated sliders can be incorporated into any website design for many reasons.

They can enhance the navigation of your website, draw your visitors’ attention to certain sections of the slider, or even convert them into new followers or customers.

Animated sliders are great website design ideas to make your site stand out and help you build a better brand identity.

There are many plugins on the market that can help you build your site with an animated slider.

Be you

The latest web design trends emphasize abstract art motifs.

These themes are great for directing the attention of viewers to a specific product or brand identity.

Tristan Le Breton, Creative Director at 99designs, predicts that abstract art elements will replace photography in 2021.

Homepages are traditionally used to display the latest product offer or the organization’s mission statement.

Next, visitors to a website can use the navigation menu to move to the next page.

Using design communities for inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for a new website, you can check out the work of other designers in design communities like Dribbble.

These communities are an excellent source of inspiration for web design projects, as well as a great way to network with other designers.

Dribbble has a wide collection of designs created by professionals, and you can easily filter through the works by style, color, or even editing software.

The community also allows you to follow other designers if you are looking for a particular style or design.

Another way to find new design ideas is to visit sites like CSS Nectar.

This website is a membership-based community for web designers, but it focuses on app designs.

Once you join, you get access to thousands of different designs, and can also learn from other members’ advice and make contacts in the industry.

You can create collections of your own and share them on different social networks.

Some design communities even have their own design competitions, which means you can get new ideas for your next project.

Lastly, you can also check out design communities on websites to get ideas for a new website.

Sites like Design Shack, for example, feature a wide variety of inspiring website designs and resources.

This is a community of web designers and features more than 25,000 members and a newsletter to help designers find new ideas.

In addition, you can find some awesome design ideas and innovative marketing strategies through the many design communities on the internet.

Taking inspiration from the world’s top websites is essential for your own web projects.

You can find hundreds of great examples of websites by using a tagging system in design communities like Awwwards.

By tagging websites with keywords like social integration, you can easily narrow your search for a design that catches your eye.

There are thousands of examples in this community, so you should spend some time exploring them.

Great Website Design Ideas To Make Your Site Stand Out

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